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October 2018
Old Business
Minutes – No changes. Motion to approve by Bobby S. second by Liza. Motion Passes.
We still need ride leaders for the LP&L rides and for the Saturday Intermediate rides.
o There have been several individuals trying to contact the club looking for weekend rides.
Chaparral jersey has been designed.
o Store has closed
o There is an opportunity to re-open the store depending on the demand from other club members.
LBC Jerseys are in and available.
Donation for NICA licensing and other general expenses.
o NICA is for high school and middle school students. This donation can help them to reach their goals
o Motion to vote on approving the donation by Bobby S.
o Second by Pat.
o Majority agrees.
o Motion passes.
New Business
Call to order by Donna Stewart at 7:01 pm.
WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
Lori has made reservations for Big Bend.
o Thursday February 28th – Sunday March 3rd
Officer nominations will be coming up soon.
o Bobby and Donna will be stepping down from Chaparral
§ President/Advocacy Director, WTCA Treasurer, Chaparral Vice-President
o Justin Houser has been nominated and accepted for President of WTCA.
§ This will open the Treasury position as well.
o All positions with current holders:
§ WTCA President/ Advocacy Director: Donna Stewart (interim)
§ WTCA Secretary: Justin Houser
§ WTCA Treasurer: Donna Stewart
§ Newsletter: Carol Swinconos
§ Web-Master: Brian Alger
§ LBC Vice-President/Tour Director: Randy Mulsow
§ LBC Treasurer: Lori Lashomb
§ Chaparral Vice President/Race Director: Bobby Stewart
§ Chaparral Treasurer: Pat Gerdemann
Christmas Party will be December 7th
o Prosperity Bank on Q.
§ We will need help cleaning the room we use.
o Unless anyone else wants to head a food committee, Donna has contacted Pit Forks and Smoke Rings to cater the party.
§ We are awaiting menu options and pricing.
o We will need to do a Year-In-Review
§ Lori may be interested.
Justin has moved that we move from monthly full club meetings to monthly Executive Meetings with Quarterly Full Club meetings.
o Executive Committee Meeting would be open to the club.
o Section 5.7 Membership Meeting
o We will need to amend the By-Laws.
We need some kind of regular large group event.
Christmas Light Ride o There will be more discussion on this
Motion to adjourn by Bobby Second by Randy. Motion passes.
Treasurers Report
No Balances available.
Tour Reports
Chisum Ride has been changed to 5:00 pm for the remainder of October.
Mike Kelly would like to resume the Quitaque Quest Sometime late October either the 20th or 27th.
Race Reports
Gentle One’s Social Time Trial October 21st Time Trial
o Registration at 2:00 pm
o Wheels roll close to 2:30 pm
Second Mountain Bike Time Trial will occur October 28th.
o Check out NICA Page for more information.
Most everything is available on TexBRA (Road/Cross) or TMBRA (MTB).
Please check BikeReg for additional rides.
Next Meeting
November 12, 2018
7:00 PM
--End of Minutes--
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