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June 2019
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New Business
Call to order by Justin Houser 6:59 pm
Thank you to everyone who brought food and participated in the potluck!
Minutes – No changes. Motion to approve by Bobby second by Dan. Motion Passes.
WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
Treasury, Race, and Tour Reports not available for this meeting
Ride of Silence - Committee
Paul Friener will serve as Chairman for the Committee
There are still openings to serve on the Committee.
Mayor’s Marathon – There are still openings to serve on the Committee
Thank you to all of the people posting rides on Facebook! We have seen a significant increase in interest and activity!
Please, if you are willing to lead a ride, post to Facebook with the starting time and location as well as the expected distance/speed.
We will be asking about interest in re-starting the LP&L Ride as well as beginning a Beginner Ride. If there is significant interest, we will seek a ride leader for these rides.
HeBrews Coffee, a coffee shop in the Canyon Lakes and on the Canyon Lakes Cycling Route has reached out to WTCA to offer a place for rides to start. This may be a good place to start or end a ride or hold a meeting.
Chisum Ride
For anyone who has ridden the Chism route and encountered the dogs on CR 7300 (the house with all the dogs that keep chasing cyclists) there is an effort spear-headed by Keith Gilmore to put in reports to the Sheriff.
We have had two separate riders taken down by these dogs, and while there has not been any serious injury, the opportunity for serious injury is very high.
Keith G. has been in contact with an officer from Animal Control who has said that we should continue to submit reports and after a certain number of reports the homeowners will be issued a citation.
Keith Thompson will be sending a formal letter to the Sheriff and Animal Control regarding this issue since they do not appear to have made much effort to correct the problem.
There will be more specific information available later.
Motion to adjourn by Pat, Second by Lindel. Motion passes
Race Reports
24 Hours in the Canyon:
Blake took 2nd on the Hill Climb event
We had many members participating, but the event was canceled late Saturday evening due to weather/flooding concerns.
Dirty Kanza
Tanya rode the 50 mile
Lori and Ricky rode the 100 mile
Vince rode the 200 mile
Upcoming Events
The Buffalo Springs Lake Marathon is coming up and will be on June 30th.
Lori will be providing more information soon via email and Facebook.
We will need as many people to help with this as we can since there is a new route! Please plan to be available!
Next Meeting
July 9, 2019
7:00 PM
HeBrew Coffee
--End of Minutes--
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