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February 2018
Old Business
Minutes – No Changes. Motion to approve by Bill second by Randy. Motion passes.
No changes to the Weekly Ride Schedule.
o Pat’s Sunday Stroll will change in March after the time change.
o All during-week rides will begin again after the time change.
o A beginner ride will begin April
o Third Saturday Southland Loop and other Weekend rides will be posted to Facebook.
City’s Bicycle Plan Committee
o The city is still working on the project and putting together dates for meetings.
o We will be sending out notices prior to public meetings so club members can attend.
o As further information comes out, it will be relayed to the club.
Christmas Party
o Good turn out
o Food went well
Caprock Gravel Grinder
o February 15th is the opening of registration
o April 21st is the date of the event
o Three distances will be available depending on conditions.
o T-shirts will be offered for sale on BikeReg.
o Jester’s will be printing shirts for $13 standard with XXL and above for $15.
o For some of the swag we looked at getting cycling hats for $10. Early registrants will get to pick their choice of summer or winter hat.
o Motion to approve $2,000.00 for pre-registration costs for the Gravel Grind by Lori.
§ Second by Bobby
§ Discussion:
• Cost here will be provided through LBC account.
• The school is happy to help with the event this year.
• Meal cost was $8 each.
• NACS insurance is $3 per participant.
o Cost is determined by the actual number of participants
o Payments are made after the event.
• Posters and maps are a part
• $40 for 50K, $45 for the 100K, and $50 for the 100 mile.
o For food purposes, the 100-mile riders will start no later than 7:00 am.
o Last year there was a 30-minute delay between the 50K and 100K start.
• We will limit it to 200 total for all events.
• Motion Passes
o The event does not require a large number of assistants
§ This is an opportunity for people to ride in the event.
o Last year 56 people pre-registered and 46 – 49 arrived for the event.
§ We paid the school $8 a meal plus a decent tip for the school.
Club Membership opens the 1st of March.
We are still looking for a place to hold recurring meetings.
o We will put in a request for ReMax
o There is still a push for door prizes.
If you are interested in an LBC Jersey for this year please contact Liza.
New Business
Call to order by J.D. Booker.
WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
The Loop 289 Marathon is coming up.
o The event is the day after the Gravel Grind.
o We may want to volunteer to run a water stop.
Are we interested in holding the Ride of Silence this year?
o The national organizer is starting to send out information.
o It would occur May 16th.
o We will need to get the ball rolling for parade license
o There should not be a need to vote as this is already a part of the budget.
We received a $50 donation check from the passing of a former member.
Caprock Escarpment will be moved to the Fall.
MS 150 will occur July 21st – 22nd.
Paul Nickel’s Memorial ride/ Tour de Nowhere is July 28th.
League of American Cyclists.
o Since dirt rides are becoming more popular, our insurance will go up by approximately $110.
§ As we increase the number of people who are being active for the Mountain Bike trails, we will need to think about coverage.
§ We will need to pay the amount prior to presenting more mountain bike rides.
§ We can try it for a year and see if it allows for more members.
§ Jill Booker seconds the motion.
• Motion passes.
o We must have a waiver signed for each event
Motion to adjourn by Bobby, Second by Pat. Motion passes.
Treasurers Report
Marylee Hildebrant-Scholz has agreed to do our taxes for us this year.
Donna – WTCA balance 12/31/17 is $6339.73. Some payments have gone out leaving us around $5,000.00. Bike Reg has been relatively successful aside from a couple of issues with Family membership.
WTCA may have the opportunity to increase our donations.
Lori – LBC Current balance $9535.09. $50 deposited for a Jersey. Minus Payments for awards
Pat G – Chaparral is at $43.55.
Upcoming Events
March 1,2, or 3 for the Big Bend ride.
o Two rides available for Friday
§ One road ride around 50 – 75 miles
§ Mountain Bike trail for around 55 miles.
§ Saturday is not specifically scheduled.
o Lori reserved 3 campsites.
o RVs will need to Reserve on their own spaces.
o $35 is the typical price, but we will need to determine the number of people who will be going based on camp sites and food costs
Rails to Trails March 24th

o Price will be determined closer to the time.
o Approximate cost around $8.
o Plan to depart Lubbock at 6:30 am, wheels roll from Monk’s crossing at 9:00am
o Distance is around 34 miles
Feb 24: CR411 Gravel Grind
March 3: Holey Roller
Come & Grind it: March 10
March 17: Steam N Wheels
March 25 Comanche Clash
March 31: Austin Rattler
April 1: The Triplet
April 7: Castell
April 21: Caprock Gravel Grind
April 28 – 29th: Hammerfest
Third Thursday Time Trial Series will start March 15th
o Sign up starts at 6:00 pm
o First rider starts 6:30 pm
o Horseshoe Canyon
Officer Elections
Current Officers:
§ President/Advocacy Director: J.D. Booker
§ Secretary: Justin Houser
§ Treasurer: Donna Stewart
§ Newsletter: Carol Swinconos
§ Web-Master: Brian Alger
§ Vice-President/Tour Director: Randy Mulsow
§ Treasurer: Lori Lashomb
o Chaparral
§ Vice President/Race Director: Bobby Stewart
§ Treasurer: Pat Gerdemann
Next Meeting
March 12, 2018
7:00 PM
To Be Announced
--End of Minutes--
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