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June 2017
Old Business
Bike Texas discussion o Membership with Donation o Suggested that we re-join using the lowest Club donation amount to join. + $50 for basic, Advocate is $100, White Jersey is $250 + Donations promote cycling advocation + Donna moves that we make the White Jersey level donation, Donna seconds. + Call for discussion + Vote is made, motion carries. Donna will take care of donation.
Covered last month's minutes
Tuesday and Thursday rides still include the LP&L Ride led by Jill and the Chisum ride will be led by rotating leaders.
The Sunday Ride will be starting at 8:30 am. Note that some roads may be closed due to construction.
Carol and Donna are aiming Tuesday Nights meeting at the LP&L Ride for beginners. Allows beginners to meet new people and have a chance to move up.
Saturday Ride likely will be changed to a meeting place, but not a club sponsored ride unless someone volunteers to lead the ride.
Third Thursday Time Trials will still continue.
Second Saturday Southland loop will be canceled until further notice.
We still need to get the website updated. o We need to slim down the website to only include things which don’t change any more regularly than annually. o Donna has volunteered to maintain communications with our web host.
Buffalo Springs lake Triathlon is scheduled for June 25th. o Volunteers should arrive at 6:30 am at the intersection of 50th and FM 400 o We will need no less than 50 people to help with the biking portion of the Buffalo Springs Lake Tri. o We will need all of the help we can in volunteers for the event. o If you have tubs, ice chests, trolleys, and wheelbarrows. o This is our good deed in supporting those who take care of us during our rides, as well as our major fundraiser. o We will post information on Facebook and send a notice via email as well.
Forms for the “Complementary WTCA Membership” until March.
Ride of Silence o 61 total attendees o 3 news channels o 2 articles o Simpler posters for the ride. Focus on less information, bigger print, and emphasis on the free element.
New Business
Call to order by J.D. Booker.
Minutes – No Changes. Motion to approve by Jill Booker second by Donna
Thank you Carol for putting out a newsletter!
Broadway re-striping with Biking lanes will begin June 19th
July 4th Parade on Broadway o $100 for non-profit entries. o Arrive at 7 a.m. in order to be judged, roll out around 9 a.m. o Decorated bicycles. o Prizes for non-profits: First $500, Second $250, Third is $100. o Mandatory Meeting June 26th o Contact Kent Crowell at 432.528-2891 or at if you are interested.
Motion to adjourn by Anna Second by Bobby. Motion passes.
Treasurers Report
Donna – WTCA balance is $5,604.25. A couple of new members and the bank found an old WTCA accounts totaling $462.62. $100 still owed for Ride of Silence.
Lori – LBC Current balance $9,911.53 including $187.05 deposit from Caprock Gravel Grind plus two jerseys. Pint Glass refunded cost. $8,290.25.
Donna – Chaparral is at $586.98. No Change from last month. Looking for new jerseys and donations/sponsorships.
Tour Reports
Dirty Kanza: 5 attendees. Everyone set PRs!
White River Road Rally
Easter Hill Country Tour is on the horizon.
Race Reports
Third Thursday Time Trial June 15th. Be there to register by 6, first rider starts at 6:30.
Southland loop will be canceled until further notice (September ish).
Sun Adventure Six Pack Series is coming up. See details on the Facebook Page.
Upcoming Events
June 17th Tour de Muleshoe 8:00 am.
July 15th 16 MS 150. Talk to David Nelson.
August 12th Tour De Rio Blanco.
Next Meeting
July 10, 2017
7:00 PM
Ave. Q and can move to Aztlan Park (1st St. and Ave. J)with a request to bring food/snacks.
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