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September 2017
Old Business
Covered last month's minutes
Caprock Gravel Grind website is up and running. ( Once the website is a little more settled a link will be posted.
Rooster’s Food Truck Yard, Jarvis Reyes.
o September 23rd
o Route will be from Roosters (Main and Ave. O) down Broadway, onto Tech Campus, around Memorial Circle, and back.
o 5pm live music and food trucks including sweet and savory options. Ride will start around 7 pm.
o It is recommended that everything start with the larger companies in the area who have connections with the city and Texas Tech.
o We (WTCA) can offer suggestions, serve as a sounding board, as well as help provide riders for the event.
o Would be a good opportunity to show the bike population in Lubbock and offer a chance for community engagement.
o Very family friendly event including food, games, and other family oriented events.
J.D. would like to talk about Officers.
o Officer committee will consist of Justin Houser and Carol Swinconos.
o We will be trying combined positions during the 2018 year.
o Officer positions and people interested in each position will be listed in the October and November Minutes.
o We have a hard time filling all of the slots each year. ? We might have too many positions, and we might be able to consolidate some positions and thus fill the board more easily.
o WTCA: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Advocate, Newsletter, and Web-Master.
o LBC: Vice-President, Tour Director, Treasurer
o Chaparral: Vice President, Race Director, Treasurer
o WTCA Advocacy position mostly makes their own work. Primarily the position handles the Ride of Silence and media relations.
o The WTCA President and Advocacy Director may be two positions that can be combined.
Some changes to the Weekly Ride Schedule.
o Any Saturday rides will be posted to the Facebook Page.
o Chisum Ride will probably start shifting to earlier times. Official Start at 6 pm may be “canceled” starting mid-October for winter season.
o The same will hold for the LP&L ride.
o Pat’s Sunday Stroll will move to 10 am in October.
o There is discussion of possible mountain bike rides in the Canyon Lakes area where some of our members are already meeting on Tuesday and Thursday. There are many options for riders.
We have been seeing a lot of attention from people who are visiting Lubbock and have come across our website. We have had a lot of very good publicity and our members have made an excellent showing of community. We tend to see an influx of people about the time we start limiting our rides.
BikeReg membership prices are listed as half for the rest of the year.
There is a single “Chaparal” collectors edition jersey, XL Club cut $50.00. Contact Bobby.
Is there a chance that we can get WTCA t-shirts as opposed to Jerseys for when people are out and about?
o Costs would run from $12.50 to $16.00 (Less than $20 including tax) ? May add “I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike” but that would add about $2.00 to the cost. ? Two different kinds of fabric: A standard T-Shirt Material
o Preorder is the best option and the more people who preorder the less the cost.
o Yellow was selected for the lettering because it is a shared color between the groups.
o Might be a good idea to list all three of the clubs to help promote everyone.
o Order would be around November or December.
New Business
Call to order by J.D. Booker.
Minutes – No Changes
Motion to approve by Bobby second by Bill
Motion passes.
Remember WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
Donna and Jill are on the City’s Bicycle Plan Committee
o The City of Lubbock got in touch with Bobby regarding recommendations to help with decisions regarding cycling plans for the city (Metropolitan Planning Organization)
o There is a committee of approximately 19 people
o A final decision will be made around October 10th
o This will lead into an oversight committee that will watch what is happening regarding the implementation of the bicycle plan
The Mayors Fitness Council: Donna is a representative of the WTCA in connection with this council.
A-fib Discussion
o Jürgen discussed the issues that are arising in older male endurance riders.
o There is an article regarding this in Velo News
o It is highly recommended that some of the older members at least look into the issues.
Christmas Party
o We will need to start looking for a venue
o Plaza Catering
o The date will be December 8th, the second Friday of December ? 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Door Prize Drawing: Bill Younts (A total of 21 people attending versus 12 in August)
Motion to adjourn by Pat
Second by Bobby
Motion passes
Treasurers Report
Donna – WTCA balance is $6,422.25. No expenses and a couple of new members.
Lori – LBC Current balance $837.66. $50.00 Check for Jerseys still needing to be deposited. Paid for a 1 year website membership for $95.86.
Donna – Chaparral is at $586.98. No Change from last month.
Check for sponsorship to be deposited
The LBC CD was renewed at 0.6%.
Tour Reports
Quitique Quest, interest? Event would be late September Early October. It is a one day ride on a Saturday. An email will be sent out to judge further interest.
Race Reports
Cloud Croft Race – Lori and others did well, despite very poor weather.
Final Third Thursday Time Trial September 21st Registration at 6 wheels roll at 6:30.
October will be the Gentle One’s Time Trial. Two person teams made up of A rider and B rider. The second rider’s time is the one that counts. This is a good opportunity for faster people to ride with some of the slower people.
Cross training continuing Wednesday through September 27th beginning at 6:30 pm at Stumpy Hamilton park. Contact Bobby Stewart with questions.
Upcoming Events
Hale on Wheels in Plainview Saturday September 16th ride on
Grape Days ride in October 8th
November 4th Rockstacker Challenge Permian Basin.
November 4th and 5th Gruene Time Trial in Gruene Texas. Do not have to be USCA certified.
Next Meeting
October 9, 2017
7:00 PM
At the Bookers
--End of Minutes--