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June 2018
Old Business
July 4th Parade (on a Wednesday). Jurgen ended up running backwards in the Parade. WTCA was at the very end of the parade. It seems like everyone who participated had fun. There were 8 or 10 kids on bikes. It would be nice to see how many people join as a part of this event
We still need ride leaders for the LP&L rides and for the Saturday Intermediate rides.
Buffalo Springs lake Triathlon - It was a bit of a challenge this year due to a lack of resources. Lori and Ricki said we were voted number one for Triathlon Rest Stops. It went really well and thank you to all who joined.
There is still a need to find a President. There have been no volunteers at this time.
The trailer will be left with Robby Thrasher.
We need to re-stock our business cards. Likely we will use VistaPrint. This will be a minor expense to the club, but we need to get this taken care of.
Since there have been so many deaths in the Midland Odessa area, do we want to sponsor a billboard or other signage?
Permian Basin was able to get some billboards donated after the multiple deaths that have occurred.
Lamar Advertising has been contacted previously. They would charge us for printing but give us the advertising space free of charge. The printing fees were around $500 each.
Have we talked to TxDOT to put information about watching for Cyclists on their digital billboard? We have not at this time.
Do we want to look at costs for getting these?
There is still some progress occurring as part of the Walk Bike Lubbock project. The next internal meeting will be in August. There will be an open meeting in September.
Chaparral is in process of designing a new jersey.
New Business
Call to order by Donna Stewart at 7:04 pm.
Minutes – No changes. Motion to approve by Bobby second by Randy. Motion Passes.
WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
Jurgen sent out an email today stating that any individual who has not reported their mileage for 4 months will be terminated from the mileage goal tracking. This is a newer policy and is in place to help clean up the records. Please turn in your miles to Jurgen as soon as possible.
Hincapie has contacted us in regards to getting jerseys. They have provided us with a price list.
The next not many big events other than tours and Christmas/end-of-year events.
We still needing ride leaders for LP&L and Saturday Intermediate rides. Can we create multiple groups starting out of Chism? We need to talk to Doug about using the same space that we used last year.
The Second Saturday Southland loop has been canceled for the rest of the summer.
We need some kind of regular large group event to help.
A new jersey order is being placed tomorrow.
There are still Caprock Gravel Grind Caps a one Men’s Large t-shirt.
Next Meeting will be at ReMax on August 13th.
Announcements – None
Motion to adjourn by Liza Second by Pat. Motion passes.
Treasurers Report
The Account Balance Sheets were forgotten.
Donna – WTCA balance as of 05/31/2018 $5,793.82. $800 from Buffalo Springs Tri, $135 for membership payments.
Lori – LBC Current balance is $10,522.54 plus $70 in cash to be deposited from caps and registration fees from Caprock Gravel Grind.
Donna – Chaparral is at $934.12.
Tour Reports
Finish the Ride is coming up this weekend (July 14th) in Tulia
MS 150 July 21st and 22nd.
Tour de Gap on July 28th.
July 28th Tour de Nowhere has been canceled.
Check Wheel Brothers for additional rides.
Race Reports
Santa Fe ride July 14th
July 27th La Musca Bicicleta
July 28th and 29th Buffalo Gap
Third Thursday Time Trial last month was moved due to weather. The next will be on July 19th.
Hotter Than Hell August 24th.
Tour De Ocho Miles at Bottomless Lakes in Roswell. This is an Outlaw Race. You call your distance with the longest available distance of 64 miles.
Day of the Tread in Albuquerque near the end of October.
Please check BikeReg for additional rides.
Next Meeting
Jul 09, 2018
7:00 PM
To Be Announced
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