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October 2017
Old Business
Rooster’s Food Truck Yard, Jarvis Reyes.
o The event was very good, aside from a few scary moments.
J.D. would like to talk about Officers.
Officer committee will consist of Justin Houser and Carol Swinconos.
We will be combining positions during the 2018 year.
Officer position nominations:
§ President: J.D. Booker,
§ Secretary: Justin Houser
§ Treasurer: Donna Stewart
§ Newsletter: Carol Swinconos
§ Web-Master: Brian Alger
§ Advocacy Director: To Be Filled
§ Vice-President: Randy Mulsow
§ Tour Director: To Be Filled
§ Treasurer: Lori Lashomb
o Chaparral
§ Vice President: Bobby Stewart
§ Race Director: To Be Filled
§ Treasurer: Pat Gerdemann
o Officer positions are still open if there are any volunteers or further nominations.
Some changes to the Weekly Ride Schedule.
o November 5th will be the time change.
o Addition of Zack’s Mountain bike ride on the MLK Trails will begin at 6:15 pm.
o Any Saturday rides will be posted to the Facebook Page.
o Chisum Ride will start shifting to earlier times. Official Start at 6 pm may be “canceled” starting mid-October for winter season.
o The same will hold for the LP&L ride.
o Pat’s Sunday Stroll will move to 12 pm in November.
o LP&L is officially starting at 5:30 pm and will probably end in October.
BikeReg membership prices are listed as half for the rest of the year.
WTCA t-shirts as opposed for when people are out and about?
o Orders have to be prepaid, there will be an order form
§ All Prices are set up to XL size. Anything larger will change
• T shirt: Men’s $17.32 ladies $17.32
• Long-sleeve hoodie: $29.23
• Long-sleeve: $22.73
• Women’s long-sleeve: $19.49
§ Order date will be after the November meeting, then if we only need a few to get the next price break.
o Yellow was selected for the lettering because it is a shared color between the groups.
Donna and Jill are on the City’s Bicycle Plan Committee o No real changes have occurred regarding this opportunity.
Christmas Party
o We will need to wait until November for cost.
o We have a location
o Plaza Catering
o The date will be December 8th, the second Friday of December
§ 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 5
oFor awards, we have people nominate for specified awards.
§ Once a member is nominated they are voted on at the party.
§ Down side- it can be difficult to get awards to people who receive the awards if they are not at the party.
§ There is a lot of difficulty in just getting people to respond to the requests for votes and nomination which led to the email request for nominations and then voting at the party.
§ Motion by Donna to request nominations for awards. Voting will be at the November Meeting and we will accept votes sent in.
• First email will go out this week.
• Official request will begin on the 23rd
• Nominations will be completed prior to the November Meeting.
• Motion carries
New Business
Call to order by J.D. Booker.
Minutes – No Changes. Motion to approve by Pat second by Jill. Motion passes.
Remember WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
Tour de Nowhere will return
We are getting low on the LBC jerseys. A request has been made to purchase new jerseys in January.
A total of 18 people attending versus 21 in September.
Motion to adjourn by Jürgen Second by Bobby. Motion passes.
We are getting low on the LBC jerseys. A request has been made to purchase new jerseys in January.
Treasurers Report
Donna – WTCA balance is $6557.08. Some new members have joined.
Lori via J.D. – LBC Current balance $837.66.
Donna – Chaparral is at $1337.66. No Change from last month.
Will Chaparral Renew USAC Membership?
§ Bobby is really the only ones who typically make use of this offering.
§ We have had a club license for many years.
§ $150 yearly renewal.
§ Similar supports as the League of American Wheelmen.
§ Pat moves that we renew.
• Motion Carries.
Tour Reports
Hale on Wheels in Plainview Saturday September 16th ride on o 20 – 30 Lubbock riders came out
Grape Days ride in October 14th 2017 Jill will host o Arrive at 8:00 am or 8:30 am at Llano Estacad
o Winery. o Ride for an hour or so then tailgate and drink wine.
o Dallas Bike Ride Closed Road in Downtown Dallas November
Race Reports
22nd of October will be the Gentle One’s Time Trial. Two person teams made up of A rider and B rider.
o The second rider’s time is the one that counts.
o A good opportunity for faster people to ride with some of the slower people.
o Awards will be handed out for the Chaparral Time Trial series.
Cross training continuing Wednesday through September 27th beginning at 6:30 pm at Stumpy Hamilton park. Contact Bobby Stewart with questions.
o How many people are typically attending, and how difficult would it be to get some of the cross riders out to some of the more local races?
November 4th Rockstacker Challenge Permian Basin.
November 4th and 5th Gruene Time Trial in Gruene Texas. Do not have to be USCA certified.
Next Meeting
November 13, 2017
7:00 PM
To Be Announced
--End of Minutes--
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