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August 2018
Old Business
Covered last month's minutes
We still need ride leaders for the LP&L rides and for the Saturday Intermediate rides.
Chaparral jersey has been designed. Prices yet to be determined – depends on order quantities. We will get sample sizes, and send out an email to let members know times to try them on.
An LBC jersey order has been placed and should be arriving soon.
New Business
Call to order by Donna Stewart at 7:02 pm.
Minutes – No changes. Motion to approve by Pat G. second by Mike. Motion Passes.
WTCA Newsletter; to contribute pictures or articles
Thanks to everyone who helped get everything together for David’s Ghost bike. Thanks to Daren Lynn for securing the right of way and setting up a new post to mount the Ghost Bike on.
We have discussed making a donation to Bike Texas in David’s name. Bobby Recommends $500.00 Second by Mike. Motion passes.
Beginning September membership dues will be pro-rated 50% until March. Student membership is $10 (does not get halved). Jurgen is asking about reaching out to Tech Students.
Jurgen was able to visit Andrew Montford. Andrew is currently in Bosnia. Went out on a two-year round-the-world trip. He decided to relocate in South-West Bosnia to run a craft brewery. He has not been able to ride as much but wanted to say “Hi” to everyone.
We need some kind of regular large group event.
Daren Lynn is looking for support and interest in NICA.
Bobby will be starting the Stumpy Hamilton Gravel training ride.
Next Meeting will be at the Stewart’s on September 10th.
Treasurers Report
Donna – WTCA balance as of 07/31/2018 $6,623.92.
Lori – LBC Current balance is $9107.26 20 with withdrawals for jerseys in the amount of $1,071.80. Website for Gravel Grind 163.48.
Pat G. – Chaparral is at $912.69. Around $21 was spent to paint the ghost bike.
Tour Reports
No one in attendance who attended MS 150
Race Reports
Third Thursday Time Trial 16th August: Trophies this year will only be given out for categories either with multiple competitors, or, if a lone competitor completed multiple time trials and was the only cyclist in their class.
Upcoming Events
Hotter Than Hell August 24th.
Hale on Wheels September 15th
Tumbleweed September 22nd.
September 16th Acoma near sky city.
Caprock Escarpment September 8th. Pat Gerdemann, promoter. We will need to keep people together to keep the sag vehicle near the group. No Drop, regroup at Dickens. $5.00, must be a member, start time around 9 am.
Check Wheel Brothers for additional rides.
Do-waka-do in Oklahoma with various distances available in early September
Tour De Ocho Miles at Bottomless Lakes in Roswell. Outlaw Race. You call your distance with the longest available distance of 64 miles.
Day of the Tread in Albuquerque near the end of October.
Gentle Ones Time Trial will be in October.
Please check BikeReg for additional rides.
Next Meeting
September 10, 2018
7:00 PM. Light Snacks at 6:30 PM
Bobby & Donna Stewart's House. 5506 70th St
--End of Minutes--
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