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July 2017
Old Business
Minutes – No Changes. Motion to approve by Bobby second by Jill.
New Business
Call to order by J.D. Booker.
Rooster’s Food Truck Yard, Jarvis Reyes.
•They are looking to hold a Family Friendly event down town involving a large barbeque and bringing in several food trucks. The event would also include a bike ride that would start around Main and Ave. O, travel up Broadway, around Texas Tech University then back to Rooster’s Food Truck Yard.
•It is recommended that everything start with the larger companies in the area who have connections with the city and Texas Tech.
•We (WTCA) can offer suggestions, serve as a sounding board, as well as help provide riders for the event.
•Would be a good opportunity to show the bike population in Lubbock and offer a chance for community engagement.
•Very family friendly event including food, games, and other family oriented events.
•We have asked Jarvis to keep in contact with us regarding this event and we will promote as best we can.
J.D. would like to talk about Officers.
•We have a hard time filling all of the slots each year. We might have too many positions, and we might be able to consolidate some positions and thus fill the board more easily.
•WTCA: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Advocate, Newsletter, and Web-Master.
•LBC: Vice-President, Tour Director, Treasurer
•Chaparral: Vice President, Race Director, Treasurer
•Randy has suggested that the VP and Tour/Race Director be combined for LBC and Chaparral.
•The Treasurer position might not be so easily combined with anything else.
•WTCA Treasurer has the largest responsibility, but all three should have someone who is on top of the business.
•WTCA Advocacy position mostly makes their own work. Primarily the position handles the Ride of Silence and media relations.
•The WTCA President and Advocacy Director may be two positions that can be combined.
•There will be more discussion of this subject at the next meeting.
•The August meeting will be used to initiate Officer Search Committees for 2018.
WTCA Newsletter; e-mail pictures to Carol at
Door Prizes might help bring members to the meetings.
What are the benefits to club membership:
•Many Rides available with more experienced riders who can help you improve and help with any mechanical issues.
•Club membership covers supplemental insurance if there is an accident during a club authorized ride.
•Emails helping to consolidate many of the various rides into one location.
•Options for member only rides.
August might start Cross Training.
Treasurers Report
Donna – WTCA balance is $5734.25. Bike Texas donation of $250.00 has been sent, not cashed yet. No expenses and a couple of new members.
Lori – LBC Current balance $9911.53. $50.00 Check for Jerseys still needing to be deposited.
Donna – Chaparral is at $586.98. No Change from last month.
Tour Reports
June 17th Tour de Muleshoe 8:00 am.
July 15th 16 MS 150.
•Talk to David Nelson.
•If you haven’t already talked to David, he needs to know ASAP. There is room in the bus and they need to know information.
•Packet Pickup – Tuesday, July 11th from 10 am till noon, at the Lubbock MS Office.
Tour de Rio Blanco will be Two weeks before Hotter than Hell.
Race Reports
Third Thursday Time Trial July 20th.
BSL Tri – There are some missing tubs which need to go to Randy. •25 volunteers •We really need to bring in more people to this event. •This is our biggest give-back event of the year.
No change to the Weekly Ride Schedule. Any Saturday rides will be posted to the Facebook Page.
Next Meeting
August 14, 2017
7:00 PM
At the Lashomb's
--End of Minutes--
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