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November 2019
Old Business
Covered last month's minutes
Officer Nominations - no changes possibly since no one wanted to nominate anyone
Note: can take nominations up until the night of the Christmas party, including ballots on the table (i.e. nominations from the floor)
Awards: Few nominations came in
Barbara Hutchison for Outstanding Event (planning and directing tour supported) - Caprock Gravel Grind for Lorie LaShomb nominated from 2 people.
Jasper Hubert Award (best Personal Achievement (extra effort for cycling, like crazy miles logged) - Three different nominations 1. Judy Fleming, 2. Vince Tyson, 3. Wayne Smith
Bonnie Cain- Rider who greatly improved mileage or skill - Nominated Vince Tyson.
Distinguished Service Award - (behind the scenes worker) one nomination Paul Friener.
Paul Nichols Most Valuable Cyclist (capable leader in the club) One nomination Donna Stewart.
Judy Austin Award with Justin Houser - no nominations were for this award.
Changes to Minutes from last meeting- none
Weekend Ride Leader: Social Rides or Intense Rides with faster speeds or longer distances.
Chism Rides are finished.
All weekly rides are closed.
Updates on Xmas Party
Needing responses on attendance- EMAIL OR FACEBOOK LORI LASHOMB ASAP!!
Event will be at Prosperity Bank off Ave Q.
Caterer needs minimum attendees, so much know
Links for Slide Show to drop box pictures, email Lori
Robby Thrasher notes that Ride Post to Gail looks to be decent conditions for next year in Spring
Christmas Ride: sending out feelers to find host home. It’s potluck style, alcohol optional, and need an area with pretty Christmas lights.
Prior Communication regarding membership. Getting in touch with new members
Ride Safety Clinics for new riders, such as changing tires or changing chains, etc.
Bicycle Maintenance Meetings- NICA has an annual training for it’s members, but it’s possible other can stop by and observe.
Website Needs Updating: contact info and existing rides are not available anymore
Posting Ride to Facebook- if you post, please provide the distance, speed, any possible maps of route
New Business
Call to Order 7:02
USA Cycling Safe Sport training- Robbie Thrasher took the training. But it’s only if we have Jr. Members. We official declare that we have no Jr. Riders.
Renewing USA Cycling Membership- It allows our members to wear Chaparral only jerseys, as opposed to wearing a neutral color. It’s due in December. $150 due. Motion Passes to renew this membership.
December 2019 is set for Christmas party.
January 13, 2019- next monthly meeting.
Zwift Riding interests as a group- Paul to send a message on Facebook
Time Trial Race Director Looking for New Host and Coordinator- race box and stop watches, register everyone, do the math, and turn in results to Brian Alger
Rails to Trails - takes place in March 2020, be on the lookout later on
Cycle cross race - separate insurance, like Caprock Gravel Grind, grassroots. There is interests to have it in January 2020.
Donna Move to adjourn, Second by Pat.
Treasurers Report
$7,048 - WTCA
$1,807.68 - CCC
$10,896.79 - LBC
Tour Reports
Grape Day Ride: unsure about turnout
Race Reports
Renegade Rambler in February 2020
Christmas Ride: Riding after dark, riding without lights concerns
Next Meeting
December 6, 2019
6:00 PM
To Be Announced
--End of Minutes--
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